Building Guarantees

Buying off plan in France is safe and straightforward as it is strictly regulated and designed to protect the interests of the purchaser.

All new property in France must comply with modern building standards, energy efficiency rules and regulations. This ensures low maintenance and low running costs.

All of our chalets come with total protection in the form of building guarantees that both meet and exceed our legal requirements. These guarantees are for the chalet and, in the case of any re-sale, are automatically passed on to future purchasers.


Garantie d’achèvement
This is a legal requirement for all developers and guarantees completion or reimbursement where the developer becomes bankrupt or otherwise fails to complete the building on time or to the agreed price.

L’assurance décennale
Mandatory ten year structural guarantee covering any structural disorder  making it unfit for its intended use.

L’assurance dommages-ouvrage.
An insurance which guarantees repairs covered by the ten-year structural guarantee.  The key feature of this insurance is that it guarantees repairs prior to attributing responsibility.

La garantie de bon fonctionnement.
A two year fixtures and fittings guarantee covering minor defects not covered in the ten-year structural guarantee such as plumbing, electrical fittings, etc.

La garantie de parfait achèvement.
One year perfect completions guarantee covering any general problems arising in the first year from the chalet delivery.