All information below is for guidance only

Reserving one of our chalets

Once you have made your decision, a refundable deposit of between 5% is required to secure your chalet. This payment is made bank transfer in Euros and direct to the Notaire. In France, payment of the deposit in the off plan buying process is strictly regulated by law this deposit is held by the Notaire until the ‘Acte de Vente’ (Deed of sale) is signed.

We will guide you through the payment process and put you in contact with the Notaire who will provide all necessary bank details.

After the deposit payment, no further money is paid until the íActe de Venteí (Deed of sale) is ready for signature, even if construction is underway.

Reservation Contract

The payment of the deposit is accompanied by the signature of a ‘Contrat de reservation’ (reservation contract) which reserves the property in your name and fixes the purchase price.
This is an important benefit when buying an off-plan property as you are paying todayís prices for a property that will be ready in a few monthsí time and subsequent price increases will not apply to your reservation price.

The reservation contract document includes your personal details and our details. It also gives a description of the new property you are reserving and confirms the purchase price as well as specifying the building schedule, stage payments and scheduled date of delivery.

It also confirms whether you are raising a mortgage to finance your new build purchase or whether it is a cash purchase. It is important to have all financial arrangements in place as early as possible as this information is required for insertion into the reservation contract.

The additional contractual documents which are part of the reservation contract are the technical description of the off plan chalet you are purchasing, its floor plan and the site plan of the new development. The documents are in French though you will be dealing with a bi-lingual Notaire who will assist you in understanding their content.

Cooling off period

In France, a legal cooling off period of seven days follows the signature of an off plan reservation contract and payment of the securing deposit.

Formal acknowledgement from us of your contract and deposit is sent to your home address by recorded delivery. The date on which you receive this notification marks the start of the 7 day cooling off period. During this period you can choose not to proceed with your new build purchase and have your deposit refunded. After the cooling off period expires the deposit is generally non-refundable.

Deed of sale

In order to complete the purchase, the French Notaire will send a draft of the Deed or (Projet d’Acte) by recorded delivery to your home address. This will normally be done once we have finished the foundations of your new chalet.

Completion/signature of the Acte de Vente (Deed of sale) should take place within one month following the receipt of these recorded delivery documents. This will be done in front of the Notaire and, if necessary, an official translator will also be present.